Getting a Job with No Experience

Getting a job when you are just out of college is not only challenging but can be intimidating too. If you go through job listings on portals or newspapers, you will find that most ads for vacancies require some experience or the other. Does that mean that you cannot embark on a successful career path? Of course you can! Confidence in yourself, a lot of hard work and high levels of ambition can land you the job of your dreams even without experience.

By being systematic in your approach and following a few basic guidelines, you can surely get there.

  • Know the reality and accept it – When you have applied for an entry level position, it is natural that you have to keep the column of experience blank in your resume. That is the reality and you have got to accept it. What you have to do to fill that vacuum is to highlight your motivation to learn and grow with the organization. Those on the interview board are really looking for people willing to learn and work hard. Project yourself on these lines.
  • Know your skills – Make an analytical study of your skill sets and match that with what is required for the job. The most common ones usually listed are problem solving skills, research and analysis capabilities, computer skills, other technical skills as required for the job and communication skills. Further, when you have applied for a post that does not require experience, those at the interview will be looking for “soft-skill” sets. These include a friendly approach, strong convictions, professionalism and responsiveness – skills that really cannot be taught. Know your strongpoint and once you can analyse your traits, you can explain that to your potential employer.
  • Know your value – You might not have years of experience under your belt but what else in form of skill sets or background can you show your employer that can prove your value to the organization. It is not necessary that you have expertise and knowledge in areas that are linked with traditional jobs only; you can project skills that you have developed in other aspects of life.
  • Project confidence from a beginner’s viewpoint – The confidence level that an experienced job seeker can project and what you fresh out of college can do will obviously be vastly different. For you, showing that you are confident about your abilities is important but that has to be laced with a touch of modesty and humility. Show that you can definitely do the job and fit well into the organization and also demonstrate that you are willing to learn on the job.

There are other ways to make up for the lack of experience and prepare for a lucrative career. As soon as you are out of college, volunteer for jobs in areas that you are likely to take up later. Volunteer positions are easier to get than internships. Not only will you gain valuable experience that you can add in your CV but will also be able to network with other experienced workers. It is like getting your foot into the door to your career.