Freshers Guide to Search Legal Jobs

Law is a branch of study that requires special talent to pursue. For most of law students, the biggest problem arises at the time of initiating their career after finishing the formal study. Here they start realising the importance of live practical approaches to the case studies instead of classrooms. As a commercial lawyer in Australia, one can have multiple opportunities to start his/her career. Either begin as an individual or join a law firm to begin as an apprentice. It seems easy while studying but the reality is something different. Nowadays, the competition has become very tough due to the increasing number of qualified students. If you want to stay ahead in this cut-throat competition, start thinking out of the box. Below is a guide for freshers who are in search of a satisfactory legal job.

Important Points to Consider While Searching For a Legal Job

1)    Specialised Practical Training and Externship

Millions of students are earning their law degree every year from renowned institutions. Whenever you approach a law firm to apply for a job, they filter the curriculum vitae of applicants on the basis of special skills priority. Apart from the formal education, one should have skills of interacting with clients, proper listening and providing the most favourable solutions. Externship is one of the major ways to polish these skills by getting short-term practical experiences. It is a kind of experiential learning opportunity provided by educational institution along with the collaboration of professional law firms. All renowned universities offer the opportunity to gain experience in real-world legal settings along with proper certification. It will give you an edge over other competitors standing in the row for getting the same job.


2)    Searching For Reliable Contacts

The whole world is getting linked to the Internet so it has become easy to find multiple options for anything. The same thing is applicable while searching for a legal job because you can find countless online portals offering a huge job database. Search for some reliable agencies offering classified jobs for law students such as:-

  • Lawyersweekly
  • Lawjobs
  • Gumtree

Create your profiles on them by giving real information regarding study and specialisation. Prepare a professional looking CV with the help of resume builder sites like Cvmkr, uptowork and myperfectresume. These kinds of sites have preset fields where you just need to fill in the information and download the file in popular formats like .pdf or .docx.


3)    Create a Planned Framework and Develop Strategies

At the initial stage of your career build up, it is important to identify which path in legal practices will be perfect for your future. Legal studies have gone beyond the traditional streams of criminal and civil offence. Now you have opportunities to become a solicitor of business, maritime, civil rights, entertainment, specialist employment lawyer or immigration etc. Spend around a year in discovering the area of interest, learn skills and expand your network. Being in hurry right after the completion of formal education is not advisable. After gaining some deep knowledge of the real world, it will be very easy to get a legal job.

Getting a job of your choice in this competitive world is very difficult. Everyone starts looking for job opportunities right after passing out from educational institutions. It is advisable to keep patience and improve the professional skills to minimize rejection chances.