Find Relevant Jobs According to Your Qualifications

There is always a definite pattern to all interviews. An interviewer will take only a few seconds to size you up and then if it is seen that you are worth the time of a more elaborate interview, your resume will be taken up in some detail. Hence, those first few seconds are crucial for you and you have to ensure that there is some stuff in your resume/covering letter that convinces the interview panel that your qualifications match the job that you have applied for. The closer you can match to the specified position applied for the better your chances of success.

There is of course another way that you can consider and that is to take help of agencies specialised in this work. For example if you are a resident of Victoria, Australia, you can contact employment agencies in Melbourne and send your resume to them as a job seeker.

They will scrutinise your resume and call you for an interview where you will be counselled on the job market and the types of vacancies available as per your requirements and existing qualifications. Your particulars will then be included in their database and once a matching vacancy arises, your name will be forwarded to that company for a final interview.

However, if you choose to settle matters yourself, here are a few guidelines that you will do well to follow.

Closely examine job listings

Any job listing that you choose to apply for should be closely examined and checked. You will get the desired qualifications of potential job seekers, the responsibilities to be fulfilled for the job and some information of the company. Listings might be brief or highly structured. Once you have thoroughly analysed the position, it is time now to frame your resume and covering letter.

Connect skills with requirements

The next step is to create a link between the requirements of the employer and your skill sets. If the job advertisement is a detailed one, you can at once put your resume together. It has to be understood though that qualifications and skill sets do not entirely depend on what you have picked up in college. It goes much beyond that and you have to extract keywords from the job ad and match it with your knowledge and expertise.

For example, if one of the roles required for the job is organising community events, any experience that you might have in event management activities will count a lot, regardless of the subjects that you studied. This strong point has to be highlighted in your resume and stressed upon in the interview.

Focus on qualifications in covering letter

Prioritise the points you want to highlight about your qualifications at the beginning of the covering letter to capture attention of the interviewers quickly. These should be a couple of assets which you think matches the requirements of the job that you are applying for. Some jobs are of general nature and do not require specific educational qualifications but other skill sets. For example, for the role of a bank teller, any graduate can apply. But if you put in the covering letter that you have excellent and strong mathematical skills, you pull ahead of other applicants for the job.

These are some of the ways that you can find relevant jobs according to your qualifications which need not be confined to what you picked up in classrooms or labs. Your interests and other skill sets will count a lot too in getting you a dream job for launching your career.