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There are always certain high expectations from a blog site that is dedicated exclusively to jobs. This is primarily because in most sectors and industries the demand for jobs is higher than requirements. Hence there is a constant flow of fresh candidates out of college looking for suitable jobs that match their educational qualifications. In most cases they do not know where to start their searches from. This is where we at come into the picture.

We would first like to clear one point that is generally expected from a site that has “jobs” as its niche. We are not a job portal that advertises vacancies in various businesses, industries and companies. We are not like a recruitment agency that connects potential job seekers with matching vacancies. Instead we act as a guide to those looking for jobs and offer advice on how to get the best post as per experience and qualification.

Our site also has tips on career advancements. Many people reach a dead end in their jobs, both in terms of pay and responsibilities as well as mental satisfaction and want to make a switch to better career advancement opportunities. Here again, they are usually hesitant about making a move because they are not aware of how to proceed. Our blogs written by experts and top HR Managers act as a guiding force for this segment of the population, regardless of status of the job or grade they are in.

Apart from these aspects there are a lot of other things about jobs that we go into in great detail. For example, we will explain the role of recruitment agencies and how they act almost as an extension of the HR department of companies. Surprised? While you will get all the information on this issue in our blogs, here is a summary in this regard.

Job seekers can apply to these agencies with their CVs and after an interview with a career consultant the names are included in a database of the agency. When vacancies come up, companies inform the agency of their requirements and matching candidates are found from the database and sent for final interview with the company. Few people know about this convenience and they can benefit greatly from blogs on our site on this subject.

You will also find blogs on professional courses and programs that help in career improvement as well as their duration and fees charged.

If you are a first time job seeker or want to switch jobs for more lucrative options, visit our site for more information, news and updates on the niche of jobs.